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Designed for the Mobile Environment

The Benson Medical Instruments Company CCA200 Computer Controlled Audiometer provides the ideal configuration for the mobile medical center.  The CCA200 can be installed in the test booth, group or individual, and all audiometers controlled by a single PC.  Up to 16, CCA200 can be daisy chained. 

The CCA200 will store unlimited number of tests and employees. It is multi-lingual providing language support for English, German, Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, VietnameseHindu and more.  It is compatible with leading occupational health and hearing conservation systems.  The PlusTM System provides expansive reporting with notification letters in the employee's native language.

CCA200 pricing starts at $4,295.00 US for the Master Station and $1,870.00 for the Expansion Units.

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