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SRMi Consulting, LLC provides systems and services for Occupational Medicine and Rehabilitation in a Mobile and Fixed Environments.... 

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SRMi Consulting, LLC. is dedicated to supplying products and services for the Mobile and Fixed Occupation Health and Rehabilitation Professions.  SRMi Consulting was born from the expertise accumulated over the years by the staff and principals of Electro-Medic, Electro-Medic of Milwaukee, and Software Resources & Marketing, Inc.   If we can assist in development of a program, mobile or on-site, please contact us at (800) 356-5239 or  (715) 850-1568 Voice or TTY,  (800) 644-7408 Fax, or sales@srmi.com

"New" Upgrade Assurance - Make sure your Benson Occupational Hearing Conservation Software is up to date.....

The product areas we provide include Mobile Medical Clinics,  Audiometers, Acoustical Test Booths, and Software Systems. 

Mobile Medical Clinics   Instrumentation Options   Audiometric Test Booths


For more information Contact Skip Maletzke at (800) 356-5239 or (715) 850-1568 Cell 24/7

(800) 356-5239

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