Benson Medical Instruments Company
BAS-200slm Bio-Acoustic Simulator/Sound Level Meter

   Same features as BAS-200, plus:

  • Meets ANSI standards for both sound level meters and octave band filters
  • Documents compliance with OSHA regulations
  • States in reports that ambient noise levels were not exceeded
  • Stores ambient noise levels with audiogram data
  • Supports OSHA, ANSI, or user-defined maximum permissible ambient noise level

The BAS-200slm Bio-Acoustic Simulator/Sound Level Meter is a dual-function instrument that creates a legal record of the daily calibration check and of compliance with OSHA ambient noise regulation as required by 29 CFR 1910.95.

The BAS-200slm meets the ANSI requirements for both a Type 2 Octave Band Filter and a Type 2 Sound Level Meter so your compliance is documented.

Because the BAS-200slm is powered by the CCA-100e or CCA-220 audiometer, there is no worry about battery life. Connecting the response switch to the BAS-200 returns the system to subject testing.

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