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bulletSoftware Resources & Marketing, Inc - Mobile Design Group has designed, built and delivered a new FeatherLite Model 1530 Dry Freight Mobile Hearing, Language, Speech Clinic to University of Northern UNC Mobile at Gunter Hall - Greeley CO Colorado - Communicative Disorders Department.  The Trailer is configured to provide both clinical and occupational testing.  It contains a single four person test booth with fold back acoustic dividers and two Acoustic Systems RE120SM Individual test booths.   The system will be used in outreach and industrial testing programs, as well the by the Speech, Language, and Augmentative Specialists in the department.
bulletThe FeatherLite Model 1530 is 26' x 8' x7' 10" with a 34' overall length.  The trailer  weighs 13,680 pounds and is towed by a Ford F350 Super Duty 4X4 Crew Cab.   The Interior is low maintenance laminate walls, carpeted ceiling, and Rubber transit flooring.  The main booth is an Acoustic Systems RM183SM and is pre-wired for both conventional industrial audiometers as well as the New Benson CCA200 Multi-Lingual Occupational Audiometers.  The trailer is wheel chair / ADA accessible via a ramp that can be stored in the gooseneck area.
bulletHeating and Air Conditioning is ducted to reduce noise and all acoustic enclosures meet or exceed ANSI Ears Covered levels.  Cabinetry is solid oak with laminate tops and dry erase cabinet doors. All shelves are adjustable and laminated.

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