Benson Medical Instruments Company
SLM-200 Sound Level Meter
  • Ensures and documents compliance with OSHA ambient noise level regulations
  • States in reports that ambient noise levels were not exceeded
  • Stores ambient noise levels with audiogram data
  • Supports OSHA, ANSI, or user-defined maximum permissible ambient noise levels

The SLM-200 Sound Level Meter continuously monitors ambient noise levels in the audiometric testing room and creates a legal record of compliance with OSHA ambient noise regulations as required by 29 CFR 1910.95.

The SLM-200 meets the ANSI requirements for both a Type 2 Octave Band Filter and a Type 2 Sound Level Meter so your compliance is documented and acceptable to OSHA.

Multiple SLM-200ís may be used in group testing environments and flexibly assigned to monitor ambient noise for particular testing stations.

The SLM-200 solves a particularly difficult problem for mobile testers: how can you be assured that your testing environment always meets applicable standards for background ambient noise?

With the SLM-200, your test room is continuously monitored and the CCA-200 will present test signals that when the ambient noise is out of range. Your test record will show the ambient noise for each octave band at time of test and document that the test was performed within acceptable noise levels.

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